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FAQ can be found in the News Section No consistent schedule, just updates when I have time to work on it. Please bare in mind I have dyslexia and typos will happen in abundance! Please help me fix that if and when you can! I would really appreciate that! ----- A dark-comidic Pokemon Blaze Black 2 Nuzlocke. Here we follow Kai-yen (16 year old hailing from Ecruteak, Johto) as she reignites her passion for training and attempts the Unova League. After a fatal loss and a confusing past, Kai is pushed to the limits when the torn Team Plasma strikes back and she's thrown right into the dead centre of it. A secret lays deep within her that could be the secret to stopping this menace and finding out who she really is.


» B & W

Going back to black and white and by black I mean dark, desaturated blue. As I said before I only have so much time in my day to do colour, and now I have a Secret Santa to complete, Backstory (which will have a title upon release), and a real life job that will likely pick up in hours due to the holidays. In order to keep the pace, Colour is limited to special scenario's. Like Gym battles for instance. I apologize if you were really digging the colour, but my mental health was not.
Sorry guys~

» Custom Template

Someone make me a template I suck at graphics!! D':


FAQ can be found on my dA! It clarifies anything that you're unsure of!

» 'Nother late update

IT'S COMING SOON I PROMISE! I work early in the morning, so I have to go to bed now I know I could have done the rough earlier but PokemonXD was calling my name last night!

I'm really not good at deadlines I know! OTL

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